Dienstag, 20. September 2016

Kapitan Korsakov

Erster Vorgeschmack auf das neue Album von Kapitan Korsakov...

You be the flame
I could be the moth
If you would just wait
Until moving day
I'll give you everything I’ve got
Take it from me
You better take your time
If time seems to be
Just what you need
While you’re at it, take mine

Day after day
The colours form clouds
I’ll live your dreams
Mine are still in doubt

You be the rain
I could be the mud
Let the love go for the guilt
Let the fear flow with the blood

Now I’m so glad that I met you Caramelle
Sell me your taste
Sell me your smell
If I can’t keep up because I’ve lost my mind
Please let’s pretend
I’m doing fine